Engineering services

Concrete deterioration experts

Need to detect signs of deterioration? We do that.

Assessing concrete structures for damage is part and parcel of our expertise. When signs of deterioration appear, we step in to determine the precise cause and assess the safety risk. An immediate, targeted response will allow you to reduce maintenance costs, extend the useful life of the structure, and ensure the building is safe for the people who use it.

The Superteck team can also monitor concrete repair work and perform quality control. We work closely with expert partners to offer you a full range of services. Working with laboratory technicians for concrete testing and architects, we will:

  • Prepare plans and specifications for structural restoration and repairs
  • Prepare architectural plans and specifications

Expert concrete analysis

When a concrete structure shows signs of deterioration, it’s best to proceed with a full expert analysis as soon as possible. Our experienced engineers will investigate and provide you with an expert assessment of:

  • What is causing the concrete to deteriorate
  • The structural capacity
  • And a technical opinion for the repair and recovery of damaged concrete structures such as parking lots, building facades, etc.
  • Collection and testing of concrete samples
  • Corrosion potential survey: the state of corrosion of steel reinforcements
  • Cracking survey: instrumentation
  • In-depth analysis of concrete characteristics

Superteck takes care of it for you!