Building inspection and expertise

Expert analyses and solutions for water infiltration

Need to pinpoint a leak? We do that.

Water infiltration? Mould problem? We’re on it! Leave it to the experts at Superteck to pinpoint the source of a water infiltration. We do the work you need to eliminate water leaks at the source. With our experience detecting water infiltrations, we’re able to identify precise trouble spots for repair. In most cases, there is no need for a full renovation of the affected components.

This phase of inspection is critical and must be completed before any restoration work is done. If the leak is not identified and corrected, the damage will reappear and lead to more repair costs.

With mould, it’s critical to determine exactly what’s causing it before beginning any decontamination work. A full inspection, including water tests and cut tests, is essential to make sure the mould doesn’t come back.

We provide the information you need

The full inspection performed by our experts is designed to ensure any maintenance or restoration work is targeted and effective. You’ll get all the important information about the water infiltration or mould problem, including:

  • Remaining useful life of the components
  • Damage to exterior and interior finishes
  • Causes linked to the deterioration of the components
  • Causes of water infiltration, mould, or condensation
  • Specific recommendations on how to repair or completely restore the affected areas
  • A budget estimate for the work
  • A full report with photos, annotated plans, and sketches so everyone has a clear understanding of the situation


Thermography can be helpful to identify moisture in a roof structure or inside a wall, but it has its limitations. It cannot pinpoint where water is coming in or accurately determine the cause. Our experts use thermography as part of a full, detailed inspection of the premises.

Superteck takes care of it for you!