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Fall prevention equipment inspections

Identifying hazards is our job.

At Superteck, we keep an eye on your fall prevention equipment to make it safe for your employees. That’s what the law requires, and we make sure your equipment is compliant. We encourage our clients to adopt proactive measures in accordance with existing regulations. Having your fall prevention systems checked by our seasoned inspectors reduces the risk of injury from faulty, outdated, or unsafe equipment.

Let us handle it

The Superteck team inspects your fall prevention equipment, closely monitors each component, and helps you manage your equipment inventory. From safety harnesses to descent devices, nothing is overlooked.

Because we pinpoint exactly where the hazards are, you get all the benefit of:

  • Enhanced vigilance and safety for your workers
  • Longer life expectancy for your fall prevention equipment, saving you money
  • Mitigation of potential liabilities, accident risks, and hazard exposure
  • Compliance with health and safety requirements

Inspections compliant with CSA standards

Want to be sure your fall prevention equipment meets CSA standards? We’re on it! We know the ins and outs of each standard and will make sure your fall prevention equipment is compliant. As recommended by CSA, our qualified inspectors inspect the following equipment annually:

  • Body belts and saddles – CAN/CSA-Z259.1-05 (R2015)
  • Descent devices – CAN/CSA-Z259.2.3:16
  • Full body harnesses — CAN/CSA-Z259.10-12 (R2016)
  • Connecting components for personal fall-arrest systems – CAN/CSA-Z259.12-16
  • Fall restrict equipment for wood pole climbing – CAN/CSA-Z259.14-12 (R2016)

With Superteck, you’re in good hands!