Engineering services

On-site follow-up

We think of everything. We see everything.

Want to be sure work at the site matches the written plans for your project? We’re on it. The design and tender stages are done. The work is about to start. And the Superteck team is there to help, from start to finish.

We keep a watchful eye on your worksites.

Our seasoned engineers and technicians make sure everything goes to plan. From the kick-off meeting to the final site visit and acceptance of the work, we keep a very close eye on the entire job. You’ll get regular progress reports.

We’re on it

Quality checks

Quality is the most important asset of any project, so we make sure all modules or sections of the job meet or exceed the quality standards specified in the contract documents. This applies to both the quality of the materials and the quality of the work. We thoroughly inspect and check materials, conduct tests, and analyze samples.

Checks for compliance with technical specifications

The success of a project hinges on compliance with plans and specifications. Our experienced and conscientious team makes sure the work meets the technical specifications, down to the very last detail. When necessary, our engineers will issue change notices to respond quickly to certain physical requirements at the site, new requests from the client, and so on.

Quantity compliance checks

Measurements taken regularly on site are compared to the specifications in the contract documents and verified before the start of the next step.

Progress and timeliness checks

Our team tracks and verifies progress against project benchmarks in terms of schedule, cost, and overall scope. Using defined markers, we’ll perform a gap analysis and take corrective action to minimize unwanted impacts.

Checks for compliance with environmental specifications

From using materials with the least impact on the environment to properly managing construction waste, we really do think of everything!

Superteck takes care of it for you!