Project management

Project management

Making your life easier: It’s what we do!

With Superteck, management of your construction or renovation project is in good hands. We think of everything and we do it all. Your project gets done quickly, efficiently, and expertly, while unexpected hiccups and any hands-on time on your part are kept to a bare minimum.

Raising the bar

As project managers, we aim to improve the quality of construction and help building managers and owners see their construction and renovation projects through to a successful completion. The seasoned professionals on our teams are there by your side from start to finish. We make sure every step is completed to the highest standard.

Project management

Our team handles everything from the preparatory phase to worksite supervision. We make sure the project runs smoothly at every phase.

1: The project architect leads the preparatory phase

  • Specialists are hand-picked for the job, including the architect and the structural engineer
  • The architect assigned to the project reviews the analysis report
  • We conduct a preliminary study, including surveys and information gathering at the site, and meet with the selected architect to present our report
  • Plans and specifications are prepared, including all drawings (plans, cuts, and details)

2: Documents are reviewed and delivered

  • The project manager reviews the architect’s plans and specifications submitted for comments
  • The revised tender documents are delivered to the client ready for the project/bids
  • All other experts needed for the job are selected

3: We prepare and manage the call for tenders

  • We send invitations to bidders
  • We visit the site with invited bidders
  • We prepare addenda as needed
  • The client receives and reviews bids
  • We assess the bids against strict criteria and recommend the best one
  • We provide support at contract signing with the winning bidder
  • We review the contractor’s proposed schedule

4: Planning and supervision

  • We coordinate with architects and other specialists, as required
  • We plan the timing of each step and make sure work is done on time
  • Project supervision:
    • We issue change orders, as needed
    • We approve progressive invoices based on actual progress

Superteck takes care of it for you!