Roofing plans and specifications

Roofing plans and specifications

Provide you with copies of shop drawings, sheets, warranties, and all other documents once the project is completed

Need roofing plans and specifications? Just say the word! The Superteck team can draw up all your roofing plans or deliver them in partnership with specialized architectural and engineering firms. We’re there for you throughout the entire bidding process. And with our worksite supervision service, we can even provide expert and technical support beyond the plans and specifications stage.

When might you need roofing plans and specifications?

Roofing and specifications plans are often required if issues are detected during an expert analysis or simply due to the condition of a building. Whether for repairs or a full roof restoration, we create clear and precise technical documents that show exactly what needs to be done.

With us on the job, you can rest assured that everything will meet the highest standards. Well-prepared plans and specifications are a must in any call for tenders. They allow bidders to submit proposals based on clear and detailed information and help ensure you receive truly comparable bids and can secure a fair price.

Our process

There are several steps involved in preparing roofing plans and specifications. It’s our job to see that everything is compliant.

What we do:

  • Conduct a preliminary site study, including a complete survey of the existing condition of the structure and on-site information gathering
  • Prepare the scope of work ourselves or have one of our partner architects draw up roofing plans and specifications
  • Produce all drawings and specifications (plans, cuts, and details)—both paper and PDF versions
  • Prepare tender documents, including bid forms
  • Visit the site with invited bidders
  • Issue addenda as needed
  • Receipt of submissions by the client.
  • Review bids or leave you to review them, according to your preference
  • Monitor progress and issue change orders as needed

Superteck takes care of it for you!