Building inspection and expertise

Roof inspection experts

We’re here to keep your buildings in great shape.

An inspection by our experts gives you a clear overall picture of the state of your roof. We’ll conduct a complete health check and produce an exhaustive report, so you know exactly what condition it’s in. Our roofing experts decide whether the situation warrants one-off repairs to extend the life of the roof or whether a full restoration is needed. We take the lead to help you properly maintain your roofs and prevent any issues, hassle-free and for the long term.

Need a roof inspection?

Leave it to the experts at Superteck to inspect every inch of your roof. We check every nook and cranny to give you a detailed picture of its condition, including:

  • Extent of damage to exterior and interior finishes
  • A marked-up plan indicating trouble spots that need to be fixed
  • A list of specific technical recommendations on how to do repairs or a complete restoration, based on your budget and priorities
  • A budget estimate for the work
  • A full report including photos, a set of plans marked up with our comments, and sketches so everyone has a clear understanding of the situation

Roof maintenance program

The big benefit of our roof maintenance program? Everything we do is targeted and effective. It’s the perfect solution for building managers in the private, public, and institutional sectors who need reliable and up-to-date data on the roofs they manage.

Our web-based roof maintenance program is easy to use and tells you exactly what’s going on with your roof. We gather information to help you identify the most urgent issues, plan maintenance and repairs, and manage costs. You have the benefit of taking smart, effective action to protect your assets.

With our program, you get:

  • Full roof surveys, including dimensions and the location of equipment
  • Composition of the roof’s sealing system
  • Log for each section, including date of construction, warranty start and end dates, date of repair and restoration work, and the names of contractors
  • Computerized colour plans of the existing roof and its various sections
  • Online access to the maintenance program, for an overview of your building portfolio


The data collected by our building inspectors can be compiled in reports and customized for a specific roof section or building or for your entire portfolio.

  • Detailed data sheet for each section inspected
  • Type of coating (waterproof membrane)
  • List of sections where water is getting in
  • Life expectancy of each section
  • Surface area and construction date of each section
  • List of sections under warranty
  • Projected costs for repairs (spread over 3 years) and full restoration (spread over 5 years)
  • Photos and information in plan format

The final report is an essential resource that managers will refer to again and again for roof repair, maintenance, and full renovation work.

Follow the guide

Thinking of everything is what we do. That’s why we designed a maintenance guide with everything you need. For most warranties offered by roofing manufacturers and contractors, the holder of the warranty certificate is required to have a maintenance program for the roof. That’s where our maintenance guide makes your life easier.

This companion document to our roof maintenance service is only available to our private clients. And since we do it all, our experts will train the people on your team who use our guide.

Stage of a project

Superteck roof inspections

Local technicians from our national network of experts are assigned to conduct a thorough inspection of your roofs. We look everywhere, think of everything, and do it all with an eye to the details.

What we do:
  • Inspect and analyze the roof and its watertightness
  • Pinpoint the source of any leaks and provide recommendations and budgeting advice for corrective measures
  • Produce a report indicating the remaining life expectancy of the roofs we inspect and our recommendations for maintenance and work designed to maximize your investment
  • Compile all business intelligence and critical roof condition data in your client portal Manage data processing and help you interpret the information
  • Launch calls for tenders
  • Launch calls for tenders
  • Manage projects Continuously supervise your worksites
  • Project management
  • Continuous worksite monitoring

Superteck takes care of it for you!