Symbios Connect

Rooftop snow-depth assessments

We monitor snow depth in real time.

Introducing the Symbios Connect platform, state-of-the-art technology our experts use to monitor snow depth on your roofs in real time. Smart sensors installed directly on the roof of your building send data to the Symbios national service centre, and we use that data to handle all your rooftop snow removal operations. Our sensors eliminate the need for

regular inspections by your staff. Instead of best-guess estimates, you’ll have reliable data. Our experts can accurately predict when snow needs to be removed.

What we do

We closely monitor snow depth to prevent major damage from a roof collapse. Our snow-depth assessment service includes:

  • Active monitoring of accumulated snow to make sure it doesn’t exceed the roof’s load-bearing capacity
  • Anticipation of future loads based on weather forecasts (snow, ice, and rain)
  • Automatic personalized email notifications

Superteck takes care of it for you!