Engineering services

Structural engineer services

Expert advice for smart interventions

At Superteck, we’re structural engineering experts. All kinds of situations can necessitate a technical opinion from an engineer, such as a crack in a foundation or when there are warning signs that a structural element, such as a balcony, could collapse. Sometimes it’s ice mounds or worrisome cracks in the masonry. We respond quickly, starting with a safety assessment of the building’s structural elements aimed at keeping everyone safe.

Our structural inspections

For full and partial building assessments, our team of experts complete thorough inspections. We also partner with an engineering firm when the situation warrants. With all our structural assessments, we make sure everything is under control so you can rest easy.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Preparing a preliminary technical or safety opinion
  • Preparing technical drawings for remedial work
  • Using calculations, cut tests, and more to deliver a more in-depth assessment if needed
  • Preparing a budget estimate for remedial work
  • Write a full report including photos, a set of plans marked up with our comments, and sketches so everyone has a clear understanding of the situation

Superteck takes care of it for you!