Engineering services

Structural inspection and analysis

Inspecting and analyzing are what we do best

Superteck’s team of structural engineers is ready to get to work and deliver the structural inspections and analyses you need. Whether for a renovation, a building evaluation or modification, an inspection and evaluation of structural capacity, or any other inspection or analysis requiring the expert eye of a structural engineer, we tackle it with professionalism and attention to detail.

Accurate findings

Our inspection and analysis experts identify your building’s structural characteristics, weaknesses, and future needs. Services include:

  • Inspection of structural components (foundations, frames, loadbearing walls, beams and columns, etc.)
  • Building health check
  • Notices of compliance
  • Reports and technical opinions
  • Technical drawings and specifications for structural work
  • Assessment of loadbearing capacity for structural elements
  • Bond tests for concrete strength Design of structural elements (foundation, frame, building shell, etc.)
  • Design of structural elements (foundation, frame, building shell, etc.)

Our structural inspection and analysis work

The process for most of our jobs includes the following steps:

  • Discussion with the client to get a clear understanding of the project
  • Review of available documents (structural/architectural plans, prior reports on work completed, inspection reports, etc.)
  • Planning for inspections and structural surveys
  • Inspections and/or surveys, including on-site testing of certain structural elements
  • Analysis of inspection or survey data
  • Structural calculations, if applicable
  • Engineering documents (drawings and specifications, reports, technical opinions, notices of compliance, etc.)

Superteck takes care of it for you!