Network partners

Our network of partners

We’re dedicated to building strong relationships of trust. We work with the best people and put a vast network of qualified and experienced partners at our clients’ disposal. Through our close collaboration with top-notch partners, we’re able to expand our knowledge and technical expertise and serve a greater variety of clients.

As for our primary specialty, there’s nothing we don’t know about roofs. With the support of our network of trusted partners, we’re putting our ever-growing expertise to good use in fields such as building mechanics, geotechnical engineering, building structures, rooftop snow removal, plumbing, electricity, and more. Whatever property owners and managers have to deal with, we have a solution. Protecting components, making sure roofs are insulated and watertight, checking the building envelope—whatever it takes, we’re on it!

Experts across Canada

When you entrust management of your inventory to the Superteck team, you get the benefit of our broad network of trusted experts across Canada. Handpicked for their outstanding customer service, knowledge, and technical expertise, our partners always deliver professional service and get the job done right.

When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that our provincially and nationally certified senior, intermediate, and junior technicians have got your back. You also get support from our architectural technicians, level 1 and 2 thermographers, structural and civil engineering consultants, and experienced technicians.

Meet our industry-leading experts.