Superteck, Building Experts & Roofing Company in Laval: Facade Inspection & More

Leave your commercial roofing and buildings in good hands with the Superteck team, which includes some of the best technical supervisors, architectural technicians, thermographers and engineers in the industry.

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Laval Office

Building Expertise

Our building consultants can perform a full structural inspection of your buildings, plants and other commercial or industrial properties, without leaving out a single detail. We can quickly identify water leaks, condensation, mould or other issues threatening the integrity of your buildings.

Facade Inspection

In Quebec, Bill 122 requires building owners to undertake regular facade inspections as well as parking area inspections. Our professionals can handle this step for you.

Multi-Service Roofing Company in Laval

Our company also specializes in commercial and industrial roofing, working with professionals that can inspect the condition of your roof. Once this initial checkup is performed, they are able to determine whether occasional maintenance work could extend your roof’s lifespan. Their big-picture vision can help you achieve great savings!

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