Roofing Company Superteck in Moncton. Steel Roofing Consulting, Building Leak Detection & More

Our industrial and commercial roofing and building specialists provide in-depth services—stormwater management, roof inspection, building plans and estimates, roof snow removal and much more.

Everything is under the same roof to make your work easier! Contact us to learn what we could do for you.

Moncton Office

A Roofing Company That Does It All

Are you wondering if your commercial or industrial roofing should be fully restored or could simply use some targeted repairs? Our company specializes in roof inspections and is there to help you.

We can analyze your steel roofing or shingle roofing, among other materials, to determine which specific repairs are needed and inform decision-making.

Building Leak Detection Experts

Our building leak detection experts can locate the source of water or humidity in your building so that you can address the main cause of the problem. Say goodbye to mould and humidity!

Our Moncton Team is Waiting for Your Call!