Roofing Company Superteck in Montreal: Water Leak Detection, Roof Inspection, Commercial Building Inspection & More

Superteck is there to meet your industrial and commercial roofing and building needs in Montreal.

Contact our team for tailored consulting services, meticulous inspections, accurate plans and estimates, comprehensive engineering services and more.

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Water Leak Detection

Have you discovered mould in your commercial buildings? Call on our team to detect water leaks from your walls or your roofs.

Roof Inspection

Keeping your roofing in good condition is crucial to ensure building integrity. Count on our team to perform thorough roof inspections and spot abnormalities

Roof Snow Removal

Don’t let a snowfall catch you off guard and jeopardize the integrity of your commercial and industrial roofing. We offer roof snow removal and accumulation forecast services to help you be prepared.

Inspection for Quebec Bill 122

We also take care of periodic mandatory inspection of building facades and multi-level parking areas in compliance with Quebec Bill 122.

A Multitude of Roofing and Commercial Building Services in Montreal

Not only are we commercial roofing specialists, but we also provide a wide range of building and engineering services, namely commercial building inspection, roof and facade plans and estimates, work site supervision, and emergency response measures. Contact us to find out what we can do for your company!

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