Roofing Company Superteck in Quebec City : Roof Inspection, Thermography Services & More

With Superteck, you can expect high-level consulting expertise for your commercial and industrial roofing and buildings.

Reach out to our specialists for inspections, project management, technical advice and many more infrastructure services, no matter the scope or type.

Quebec City office

Building Facade Inspection for Quebec Bill 122

You can entrust our experts with the mandatory inspection of your building facades and parking areas. They will conduct a stringent visual inspection of your building, no matter its height, with adapted hoisting equipment.

Thermography Services

Our building thermography experts can perform thermographic inspections to detect sealing or thermal efficiency issues in your commercial and industrial buildings. We identify air infiltration and insulation or condensation issues so that you can take targeted action as required.

Roof Inspection

Our team can perform a meticulous roof inspection to help you identify the specific repairs to be done.

A Roofing Company in Quebec City Offering Many More Services

Maintain the integrity of your commercial and industrial roofing by planning snow removal in collaboration with our professionals, who use advanced accumulation forecasting technology. As they work on your roofing, they can also supervise sites, manage projects and provide engineering advice. Contact them to find out more!

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