For nearly 25 years, Mr. Michel Lortie has operated and managed one of the largest specialized roofing companies in Montreal and the Montérégie region. In the mid-1990s, he began new activities as a roofing consultant. In 1994, Mr. Lortie founded his consulting firm specializing in onsite construction supervision. It was in 1999 that the company in full operational restructuration became Contrôle Technique Super-teck Inc., a division of Les Entreprises Millenium Plus Inc.

Superteck - Historique

A new national dimension to the company.

After more than 23 years of loyal service to his private clients, Michel Lortie has gradually retired, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of his business as he passed it on to his next of kin, his son, Sylvain.

In 1997, Sylvain Lortie, Michel Lortie’s youngest son, joined the family business to manage business development as well as to perform duties as a Supervisor-Technician and Project Manager. In the same year, Sylvain Lortie became the youngest inspector to obtain the Quebec Association of Master Roofers (AMCQ) certification. After five years of great involvement in the family business, Sylvain was recruited by a global commercial and industrial roofing manufacturing giant where he held the position of Technical Director for several years.

Superteck - Historique

Superteck is continually working to establish and expand its business network.

In January 2017, the family-owned business started an accelerated rejuvenation program. Starting with its brand image and communication tools, the new team has set up a renewed business vision. By using the best management tools and state-of-the-art technologies, Superteck now has a redesigned offer for its customers.

Since transferring the business to the new president, Mr. Sylvain Lortie has brought a new national dimension to the company. His all-encompassing approach brings together all of the services required to manage the maintenance and supervision of building envelopes. Today, Superteck’s mission is to provide customers with a vertical and integrated roofing and building envelope customer experience, from coast to coast.

To date, the company has service points in four Canadian provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Superteck Experts-Conseils Inc. is continually working to establish and expand its business network in every major Canadian city and large communities across the nation.