Across the nation, Superteck operates primarily in the private sector and uses its expertise to benefit the public sector as well. Although the company offers several services for new construction projects, its core specialty is in the maintenance and upkeep of existing buildings, which must remain in full operation during the various construction phases.

Superteck - Marchés

Propose the right solution adapted to each project, large or small.

Public Clientele

  1. Municipalities
  2. School boards
  3. Provincial and federal Governments
  4. Parastatals (Hydro-Québec, VIA Rail, Gaz Métro, etc.)

Private Clientele

  1. Rentals or office leasing buildings
  2. Shopping centers and malls
  3. Industrial sector (pulp and paper, automotive, high technology, etc.)
  4. Oil sector (refineries, retail, etc.)
  5. Aeronautical sector
  6. Food sector
  7. Catering sector
  8. Hotel sector
  9. Recreation sector
  10. Pharmaceutical sector
  11. Retail and wholesale trade sectors
  12. Financial sectors (banks, insurers, etc.)
  13. Educational and religious sectors
  14. Condominium unions

The nature of the operations and the realities specific to each of the buildings concerned is always taken into account. Thus, Superteck is always in a position to propose the right solution adapted to each project, large or small, to ensure the continuity of customer operations during the analysis period or work required.